Where to find Sea Glass?
That is the $64,000 question.  The truth of the matter is, like finding other semi precious stones, it is as much luck as it is looking in the right places.  The best places to look for sea
glass are along the shores of oceans, lakes and rivers near where old dumps used to be. 

Long before Rachael Carson wrote Silent Spring, it was very common for cities and towns to haul the local trash out into the middle of the nearest body of water and simply dump it.  Years of trash dumping is the reason why we have sea glass in the first place.  The old bottles, jars, jugs, plates, vases and decorative glass items were dumped many years ago.  The action of the water's currents in combination with the polishing action of the stones and sand at the bottom of the ocean, lake or river sculpt the broken shards into stunningly beautiful gems.
Where to find Sea Glass?
In my experience, you will find very little, if any, sea glass along a sandy shoreline.  It is most
likely to be found amid the rocks and pebbles just at the water's edge or pushed up along the
line of debris left in the high tide zone.  Of course it can be found in all the places in between
these sites but it has a higher likelihood of being found here. 

It takes a trained eye to spot the bits of glass, which can be as small as 5mm, which is mixed in with all the other pebbles.  Those of us who are passionate about sea glass will pick up even the tiniest pieces.  Two people combing the shore for sea glass, one following in the path of the other, will find sea glass that the other missed.  It is not unusual, and always disappointing, to reach down and pick up what you thought was a brilliant piece of red sea glass only to discover that it is just a bit of broken plastic.  Sigh!
Many collectors stumble upon secret places where they find beautiful sea glass in abundance.  They are most reluctant to share this secret with anyone.  My best advice to would-be sea glass collectors is to be persistent.  Pick up anything that looks like it might be a bit of glass.  Enjoy
your time along the shore and pay attention to the sound of the sea and be aware of the blessing you are experiencing as you stroll along the beach searching for beach glass.  You will come away renewed, even if your pockets aren't overflowing with sea glass.
I found this gorgeous piece of red sea glass along the shores of Lake Erie at Presque Isle many years ago. 
I carried this treasure in my pocket for many, many years. 
Tears from the Deep
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